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New detours in the path of Carmelo Fontánez

For those of us who have followed the path of Carmelo Fontánez since he was a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Art Department, this exhibition of recent drawings and acrylics at the Gallery of Inter American University in San Germán, is meaningful. It could signify among other things that the artist is in a process of reflection upon his own creation and career as an artist. It could mean that he is searching for new ideas, for maturity of style, thinking where to go next. This interpretation of the work in relation to the artist’s development is based on a simple datum: he has returned to the primary source-drawing, and to his always present content-landscape; each with a new approach, the result of all the knowledge, technique, and ideas accumulated and developed through all the years. The effect is refreshing; the forms blossom as if spring has come at this stage of development.

These series of drawings indicate a love for the materials, for the technique employed, for the details. The spectator experiences the feeling of the grass, of the soil as felt by the artist. They seem to make us participant of Fontánez’s thoughts. The whole atmosphere is optimistic, particularly his newly luminous paintings.

The exhibition should be seen and appreciated. For those not able to go to San Germán before it closes later this month, there will be a showing soon of some of the works in a gallery in the metropolitan area.

Extract from the Art review by Myrna Rodríguez
The San Juan / Portfolio / Thursday / 4-12-1979

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